About The Series


Welcome to my page! My name is Gary Wayne AKA Gary Downing and I am a Kennewick-based author specializing in adventure and fantasy novels. After writing for over 40 years for independent news media I have decided to create a story line I have always felt could be fun.

I wanted to place in the hands of readers books they can read as if they are the ones telling the stories.

Below you can find my work as well as more information on Impereali... Read more

Book One: The New World

Marty, Steve, and Bailey are three teenagers who have been friends since childhood, living in southeastern Washington state, where their families have lived forever.

Marty, who aces school with little studying, is fascinated by every kind of living creature. Steve is kind and caring, always ready to help someone in need. Bailey, with whom Marty is in love, has a power that allows her to occasionally see the future—but neither of her friends... Read more

About The Author

Gary Wayne is the pen name for an artist and writer who hails from the great Pacific Northwest.

While he was born in Portland, Oregon, Gary has lived most of his life in southeastern Washington State. He spent much of his early adulthood traveling and working throughout the United States where he had the chance of meeting and learning about the lives of people in various regions of the country. While he traveled far and wide, his heart and ho... Read more