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Imperealisty | Power of 3

Imperealisty | Power of 3

Since first stepping into this world of Imperealisity, it has been one learning situation after another. As my friends, Steve and Bailey joined me with all of our pets; we have walked in to some extraordinary and astounding events. 

Many of the events we have been involved with in this world have shown us we are definitely not in Walla Walla anymore. Thank goodness, we have found strengths and powers to face some of the obstacles and some of the creatures in our travels. As we gathered new members for our team of adventurers, we have found the times between earth and this planet to be totally different. What seems to be months here in reality at home are only days. 

We have found many new friends, saved a good number of people from slavery, met one god, and saved another. We have stood before a king and queen, faced monsters and beasts, helped build up a town that was destroyed by a T-Rex. Yes, I did say a dinosaur. 

We really had to think about that one and finally decided our home planet was hit by asteroids and meteors and this one never was. In our travels so far, we have learned Steve, Bailey and I have been talked about for centuries, as we now understand we are at the heart of a centuries-old prophecy. 

We understand our home on planet earth is where we need to return to soon. The three of us still have classes to take at Walla Walla High school. I have been getting the feeling that might become an adventure in itself. But for now, let the adventures continue in Book Four of this series, as you will see how the power of three is only the beginning of many great things. 

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